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$$$$$$ Nobody wants HP-15C anymore $$$$$ ?? - Norm - 06-06-2003


Wow, look at that HP-15C.

$455 and still got more than a day to go. Yah, nobody wants any of those.

I think the sellers who proclaim "new mint" just because they have the original carton, still dont have merchandise any better than the regular joe's. So it just becomes a good way to pay triple because the guy
has the carton. It'll have the same scratches and cigar smoke odor as anybody else's merchandise.

Better to find a humble seller, than one who says 'its all perfect'. Usually there's something wrong with it anyway, its just that the guy had the original box..

This high-stakes 15C auction is like the horse races......

and its Hero and Luckyday in a deadhead in the last lap

Hero is lagging behind, Luckyday out in front......

Look at those hooves pounding folks, look at the dirt fly,

Hero catching up now, almost out front

No wait, here comes a 3rd horse up from behind ........ !

Ohhh .. my .. God .. folks .. this ... is .. un .. believable !

$200 box - Mike - 06-07-2003

The guy bidding it up, joined eBay within a day of that auction being posted. He's only been on eBay for 7 days.

Someone is paying far too much for a box. These 15C can be had in mint condition without a box for $300. That my friends is a $200 cardboard box.

Edited: 7 June 2003, 11:42 p.m.

dont like (0) bidders - Norm - 06-08-2003

Yeah, high bidder is about $510 and has (0) feedback.

Most sellers dont like (0) bidders.
They are unverified and they have a high percentage
of bozo's who just showed up and dont honor their bid.

I've noticed a seller strategy to "refuse" (0) bidders unless they specifically inquire. It is possible to cancel somebody's bid from your auction.

Last year they were going for $600 - Michael Meyer - 06-08-2003

I still have printouts showing $600 sales last year.


Re: $$$$$$ Nobody wants HP-15C anymore $$$$$ ?? - james (UK) - 06-08-2003

And still a day to go - it'll be interesting to see what happens in the last few minutes!

Doesn't mean someone isn't paying too much - Mike - 06-08-2003

A top price should be the price at which it's near impossible to find any for a lower price. Anything over that is overpayment.

I have bought many 15C in mint condition, without a box or manual for under $300. That means everything else is costing over $300 or $400.

Close to Mint $330 with better box

Like new 15C $360

But the real way you find the is to look for one that appears mint but not stated as mint. Sometimes you find jewels. Don't know about this one but it looks near mint.

Look near mint for $200

Anyone that pays $600, $800, or $1000 is buying a box for the additional.

I wonder what their definition of mint is. One of the foot pads seems to show a little wear. There also appears to be a scratch on the back on the left above the footpad. If that is the case, it's not mint.

Mint should not mean no big dents or scratches.