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David Assembly Manual - Jeff - 05-31-2003

Can anyone possibly scan the manual for the David Assembly ROM. I would like to read more regarding this ROM and the possibilities with the MLDL.

Re: David Assembly Manual - Donald Leonard - 06-01-2003

I have a copy of Eramco's 'David Assembler' manual although my MLDL and EPROMS were stolen. I bought a replacement MLDL reportedly with the David Assembler last month from Germany, but have yet to hold it in my hands.

I would be happy to copy the 70 pages (@.10/pg. plus around $10 shipping) of the manual for you. I will have to go to a copy center to duplicate this as it is not on my computer/printer. This is NOT the correct source for MLDL information in my opinion. My recommendation is a copy of Ken Emery's 'HP-41 MCODE For Beginners' published by Synthetic, ISBN0-9612174-7-2, and used with the hp VASM listings.

I also have a copy of the Eramco ES RSU 1A Operating System QRG and Eramco Systems Products Price list dated 16 Oct. '85. Let me know what you want copied.

I can appreciate the difficulty and frustration of finding info. on these scarce and aged items. I had a similar situation, and all but one refused to step out to help me, giving me 'publishing rights' as a justification to require me to spend up to $30 to get this kind of info. Don

Edited: 1 June 2003, 2:55 a.m.