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HP-25 Repair - Bernhard Emese - 05-23-2003

I bought my HP25 in 1978. Till now it is my calculator, it belongs to me, i love it. But in the 80th I had to send it for repair to HP because something was wrong, sometimes the display showed nonsense, sometimes there was only one digit visible. They repaired it and sold me a new battery as well. But it was not really repaired it had just some good days during the repair, because some days or weeks later, it was the same. I was not able to send it again to HP, which I should have done.
It waited many years in a vitrine or somewhere else. Now I discover gradually that there are more people like me, which have this special relationship to their HP calculator. I see also these ebay auctions, where HP calculators were sold for high prices and I found this wonderful private HP Museum.

Now I stop these long history and come to the question. Is anyone able to reactivate my HP-25, by giving me those chips from his calculator, which is probably totally damaged in other parts, display or keyboard or else, so we can make one running into life by using two of them. Or does anyone have an idea where those chips can be bought, does HP have them in some old forgotten store. I can replace them be myself with a good soldering iron. Or does anyone have an better idea. Of course, I can buy a HP25 in ebay if I wait and find one and have enough money, but I would not be able to replace those chips from a functioning calculator into mine, by destroying the other one. How can I bring my old HP25 into life again?