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HP19C & HP29C - Howard - 05-22-2003

Does anybody know if the HP29C charger can be adapted to be used in the 19C?

Re: HP19C & HP29C - David Ramsey - 05-22-2003

Maybe. The HP-19C adapter outputs 8 volts AC; the 29C adapter outputs 10 volts AC. Perhaps just connecting wires from the output of the 29C adapter to the input pins on the 19C would be enough...

Re: HP19C & HP29C - David Smith - 05-22-2003

Probably not a good idea. The 29C charger is designed to charge 2 cells. The 19C has 4 cells. The 19C charger (82059A/B/C/D) is readily available on Ebay, etc. for very reasonable prices. It is the same charger used for the HP91/92/97/41C series accessories, etc.