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HP41-CV - Dan Coll - 05-21-2003

Using an HP41-CV with Financial Module I: when in "user" mode - I press the function key and then the "CHS" key to start a payments program, but instead the display show "ISG". How do I get out of this and back to normal program operation? Will appreciate assistance. Thanks in advance.

Re: HP41-CV - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 05-21-2003

Hi, Dan;

try this:

1- go to normal mode, if needed (Press [USER] untill USER annunciator is off)
2- press [SHIFT] (golden key) [ASN] [ALPHA][ALPHA] [CHS]
3- Try [CHS] key again in USER mode

You probably had [ISG] assigned to [CHS] once and this assignment is still active. Unless you have a SHIFT key pressed before [CHS], what is most unlikely, because you did not press it.

When the callculator is not in USER mode, does [CHS] work fine? if so, the sequence above may return [CHS] to its normal operation while in USER mode.

Let us know if you succeed doing this.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

Re: HP41-CV - Dan Coll - 05-23-2003

Hi Luiz,

Your fix did the trick! I had to be in USER mode; [SHIFT][ASN][ALPHA]typed in "money"[ALPHA][SHIFT][CHS]. That did it. The MONEY program is now at the CHS key when in USER mode = where it is supposed to be.

Thanks so much for your help on this.

Best regards,
Dan Coll

HP41-CV - another USER mode trick - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 05-23-2003

Hello, Dan;

I'm glad you made it!

Another small notice about USER mode and assignments.

There are two basic types of "programs" in any HP41: those writtne by the user and those available in ROM modules. Financial Decisions Pack is a ROM module wiht many programs that you can use, list and load into RAM (COPY function).

While these programs are sored only in ROM, their "label" is treated by the system as an XROM function and may be assigned to as many keys as you can asign their name to. But if you have a program in RAM with a global labels, i.e., lable with ALPHA characters, these labels can only be assigned to one key at a time.

If you create a program with a LBL'GO anywhere, each time you assign 'GO to a new key will clear previous assignment. This is because global labels store the assignment in the LBL function itself, and general functions store their assignments in part of the calculator RAM (one register is needed to hold two assignments).

If you already know about this, forgive me; maybe others will find it helpful.


Re: HP41-CV - another USER mode trick - Dan Coll - 05-27-2003


Thanks for the additional labeling tip. Looks like a handy shortcut.