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From hp12c platinum owner's handbook - J.Manrique - 05-21-2003

I received my hp12c platinum yesterday, and I've read this on backside of cover from the Owner's Handbook:

Manufacture's name: Hewlett-Packard Co.     KINPO ELECTRONICS

Ok, everybody knows that new HP calculators (9 series and 12c) are being made by Kinpo, but I couldn't imagine that HP would officially put it on their products.

This is my first «Voyager», and I like it very much, specially its keys feedback. Nice to see that Kinpo can do this kind of keys. I will send some of my impressions and photos I've taken to Jordi Hidalgo for his review for next HPCC Datafile.

Best regards,


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Where can the 12c plat be purchased now? - Gene - 05-21-2003


Re: Where can the 12c plat be purchased now? - Jordi Hidalgo - 05-21-2003


Jordi Hidalgo

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Re: Where can the 12c plat be purchased now? - Richard Garner - 05-21-2003

The only place I have seen them so far is eBay.

Re: Where can the 12c plat be purchased now? - Stan (Sg) - 05-22-2003

I have seen them at a specialty store in Singapore. I was going to buy one until I saw the discussion about how slow it was solving the financial equation. I wonder if the 12C Platinum that I saw could have been a preproduction model? It was in an unopened blister pack, so perhaps not...

As mentioned in other posts, it's too bad that trig functions were not included in the new version. Having said that- I am really glad to see a new RPN model.

Re: HP12c platinum -- But Does It Turn Itself Off Regularly??? - Paul Brogger - 05-22-2003

As (only) an observer, I'd think the major question is whether they fixed the automatic shut-down at the end of each program execution. That seemed easily the most damning "feature" of the version used for Beta test.

. . . so, to any of you who've obtained an off-the-shelf, retail-ready model: Does it turn itself off?

Apparently Not . . . - Paul Brogger - 05-23-2003

FYI, Jordi Hidalgo amswered this question via email with a reference to this message. From this I take it that his unit does not exhibit the turn-off problem.