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How do I get HP42 programs on a HP48GX - menno - 01-31-2000

I have a lot of programs on my HP42S and I would like to use them without the need to re-write them all over again for the HP48GX. Transferring with "inprt" from the HP42S to the HP48GX is no problem. But I like to "run" the programs. There is something for HP41 programs but I can't find that as well.


There is an HP41 emulator (SX only) - steve - 01-31-2000

There is (or once was) an HP-41 emulator for the HP-48SX.

However it doesn't work with the GX.

Re: There is an HP41 emulator (SX only) - Jan H. Bos - 01-31-2000

Steve, Once you have the programs in a 48SX, can you beam them to a 48GX (and do they work then?) Regards, Jan

Re: There is an HP41 emulator (SX only) - steve - 01-31-2000

no, it's a card and gives you an HP-41CV inside your HP-48SX.

It's essentially an interpreter for the HP-41 code. It also does NOT understand synthetic instructions.

No solution ? - menno - 02-01-2000

So, it seems that I have to write all my programs again in RPL. Is there really not something which can just translate FoCal to RPL ? Computerprogram perhaps ? Programming the 42 I'll do with ease, for that RPL I'll drown in possibilities.


Re: How do I get HP42 programs on a HP48GX - DaveJ - 02-01-2000

There is an excellent emulator written for the 48 & 49 series of calcs to allow 41 programs to run on the newer calcs.

HP-41C/CV MicroCode Emulator for HP-49G and HP-48S/SX/G/G+/GX (Version 1.10) Copyright (C) 1983-1999 by HrastProgrammer

All test programs (normal and synthetic) worked perfectly. There are 3 basic versions of the emulator: full version for HP-49G called HP41E49, full version for HP-48SX/G+/GX called HP41E48 and Lite version for HP-48S/G called HP41E47

Re: No solution ? - Reinhard Hawel - 02-01-2000

I could try to port your programs, but if it's commercial, I would have to get commercial too (and I'd have to expect some cash)

If it's simply private, it would be free, but limited, just because all the hp stuff begins to take more and more of my time.

Sorry, but I didn't want to spam the forum. I hope, I didn't step on somebody's toes with this message.

Generally I'd encourage you coding the progs new, just because of the comfort of the 48 (especially larger display)

BTW: why don't you want to use the 41 anymore ? It's a great machine.

Re: There is an HP41 emulator (SX only) - Reinhard Hawel - 02-01-2000

I've never understood what's the problem putting the card in a GX. Is it programmed in assembler ?

I think, I should dig mine out and simply try it out.

(Hints are welcome anyway)

Re: No solution ? - menno - 02-02-2000

Thanks, I'll first try to get the program from HrastProgrammer if that doesn't work out I'll ask you again. And I don't have a 41; I have a 42 which I still think is the best calculator. Maybe because I understand the 42 completly know where every function is and what it does, I even know how to speed it up (temporarely). I was allways wrestling with memory; if you have just 1Kb free you cannot do a big matrix-calculation or integration. In my work as chemical engineer I use that part or function(s) often. In a meeting it doesn't show off (like the 48) that you are doing something more than primary-school calculations. (a 48 will draw attention; 42 not)

It may sound funny but I am far more careful with my 42 than with my 48!

Thanks again in advance, I am now on hunt for that program from HrastProgrammer.


Re: How do I get HP42 programs on a HP48GX - menno - 02-02-2000

Where can I get that program ???


Re: No solution ? - Wayne Brown - 02-02-2000

Try http://www.geocities.com/hrastprogrammer/ (it looks like there's quite a variety of emulator stuff here).

Re: How do I get HP42 programs on a HP48GX - DaveJ - 02-02-2000


Look in hp48 pages for 48 emulator

Good Luck!!

Thanks - menno - 02-03-2000

I Have the 41CX-simulator running on my 48GX and asked HrastProgrammer if he has a 42 version. Because I like the double-line display far more than the single-line display.


Re: Thanks - DaveJ - 02-03-2000

I thought he could make use of the 48/49 display to view the whole stack at once