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Using HPIL/RS232 converter and PC - Harold Climer - 05-18-2003

I have just aquired a HP IL to RS232 converter. Are there any programs for the 41 and PC to allow one to talk back and forth to each other? Is this capibility built into the converter? I am also thinking of connecting my 41 to a Vernier Universal Lab Inteface and taking temperatur or other type of measurments.

Re: Using HPIL/RS232 converter and PC - Alain - 05-18-2003

Hello Harold,

if you get LifUtils from Tony Duell, a subdirectory called "Hardware" has all the requiered information to transfert files from and to HP-41 using RS232/HPIL converter (HP41-PC-serial-transfer).

The link to get LifUtils is below :


Regards !


Re: Using HPIL/RS232 converter and PC - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 05-18-2003


I'm as HP-biased as anybody here, but ....

If all you want is to interface to Vernier equipment, you might be ahead to get a (voice of doom here) TI-8x series calc. Vernier equipment can interface directly to these TI calcs. I think all you need extra is a $5 cable.

HP41 / PC / hardware measurement - Christoph Klug - 05-19-2003

Dear Harold,

nice solutions for interfacing HP41 to PC is the HP-PC gateway & emulator solution. Refer to HP-museum articles forum item 311.

For advanced hardware interfacing with HP41 there exist I/O-Board and IL2000 system. This powerfully interface hardware includes digital and analog input/output and some power supply lines. Two manuals (300 + 150 pages)describes the systems

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug