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Design Submitted - Ben Salinas - 05-15-2003

Well, on Wed the 14th I mailed in my design. I saw them postmark it. I ended up putting it in a binder. It totaled to 37 pages plus the C size schematic, and the CD with AVI, Java, and Inventor files on it.

Now that it is the 15th, and too late for anyone to steal my ideas, I am trying to find someone to post the 20-30 megs of files. If anyone has some web space I can upload to, or send them a CD of the files, please let me know.
(there might be some people at school i can "steal" some from.)


Re: Design Submitted - David - 05-16-2003

what the hell are you talking about?

Re: Design Submitted - Scuba Diver - 05-16-2003


You've obviously done a huge amount of work on this, and I for one am very interested in seeing the fruit of your labour.

I wish I had the ability to host this for you; I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Are there any generous members out there that can help???


Re: Design Submitted - Rick - 05-18-2003

I'm with David.

What the hell are you talking about???

Re: Design Submitted - Ellis Easley - 05-18-2003

david, Rick:

Ben has been working on a calculator design for submission to a contest HP is conducting. The threads where he talked about it before have probably been swept into the latest Archive, you can go there and look for them if you'd like to know more about it.

Re: Design Submitted--ya hadda be there - Glynn - 05-18-2003

Rick, David, everybody--

What Ben said, and S.Diver applauded, was a submission to HP's Design-A-Calculator Contest, held in concert with Scholastic Magazine. It was only open to students, but typically these affairs are full of pie-in-the sky NON-STARTERS (i.e., "I'd like a calculator that has built in OCR and printer, so that you slide it over a math paper and it fills in the answer automatically"...).

But Ben Salinas is a savvy calculator user, deep into real utility and KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. His design, which he gave us a peek at before he submitted it (rare, and Thanks, Ben, for doing so) was both doable and quite useful. He really researched and made design selections that HP designers themselves would be proud to have made.

If Ben doesn't win, there's no justice in this world. If the contest were up to me, I'd grant him a scholarship and a date with Kelly Clarkson.

Anyway, that's what the hell it's about. ;-) Go Ben!

Re: Design Submitted--ya hadda be there - Rick - 05-18-2003

My apologies, just that there was nothing to indicate what Ben was referring to, hope he does well.


Re: Design Submitted - Ben Salinas - 05-19-2003

I should have a version of my design up before the end of this week. I am currently adding all the bookmarks, and arranging the files in the pdf. It will be about a 1 meg file without the inventor viewer (not necessary) or the avi file.
For those who haven't seen this contest, some infor can still be found at www.hp-calculators.com
I should be able to post it on my geocities account (ugh)