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Serial number question - Eric Davis - 05-14-2003

I was wondering how old a calculator is. Its an HP 15C with the serial number 2326A02031. Also any idea on its value?


Re: Serial number question - Holger Weihe - 05-14-2003

This calculator is from 1983. The first two digits of the serialnumber are the years since 1960.

I think this HP has no value at all. You should give it to me for recycling. :-)

To be honest: The value depends very much of the calculators condition. At Ebay germany you get an average price of 164 Euro. (1 Euro = 1,16 US$ yesterday) Even defect HP-15s go for 60 Euro or more. The prices at ebay.com are even higher.


Re: Serial number question - Eric Davis - 05-14-2003

Wow! Thanks!