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Re: Shockingly new HP41CX ! - Mark Ordal - 05-14-2003

I just read this thread about Randy Woodbury's recently purchased, but dead, 41CX.

One possible option for repairs might be:


They specifically say that they do repairs of both the 41 series and the peripherals. I have a recently deceased 41CX myself and am eager to learn if anyone has experience with these guys.

Randy: if you give up on the idea of repair and decide to use this pristine 41CX for parts, I might be interested in the upper part of the case if the price is right. (-:

Back when I got my 41CX, I deliberately defaced it by applying a white plastic-based paint to the edges of the top of the case---I figured that way any cretin stupid enough to steal my 41CX would at least have to avoid using it in public on campus. Now I'd kind of like the "original look" back for my 41CX.

My interest in the top part of the case may be premature---I need to find out if my 41CX is repairable first!


Re: Shockingly new HP41CX ! - Randy - 05-16-2003

I spoke (by email of course, no one actually speaks anymore it appears) with said company, and they seem very good. But, they ask a fair price just to have a look that is more than the calculator is worth (not their fault of course), and many in-the-know on the halfnuts have got me convinced that any repair attempt would be a lost cause. Having looked inside my working halfnut, I can see that it would not be unreasonable to have that standard note, "No Servicable Parts Inside." And, there is about 3,000 heat-fused posts to unfuse even to have a look at the other side of the PCB. I probably won't get rid of any or all of it -- I think having it encased in a Lucite block would be cool for a paperweight, either in its pristine assembled state or taken apart to simulate a holographic exploded view. Then it could go on ebay under Art Sculptures instead of Vintage Scientific Calculators. Thanks for your comments, and best regards.