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Re: Did the 34c precede the 41c? - Gene - 05-14-2003

Thanks, Valentin.

It appears that was the same date as the 41c, since Craig's database lists 7-1-1979 as the 41c's intro date too.

34c - 7/1/1979

41c - 7/1/1979

Re: Did the 34c precede the 41c? - Valentin Albillo - 05-14-2003

They both were certainly introduced at the same time
here in Spain, decades ago.

Though I was primarily interested in the HP-41C at the
time, I clearly remember that I also borrowed and HP-34C from local HP, for which I wrote a Solutions Book ("HP-34C Advanced Mathematics") which Hewlett-Packard published locally, and in the process I grew to appreciate the HP-34C a lot, it still is one of my favorite HP calcs.

The book was introduced at a large trade show and sold very well, so HP wanted a couple of similar
Solutions Books for the HP-41C, "Advanded Mathematics"
and "Advanced Physics". Regrettably, even though both were duly written,
some changes at the top of local HP resulted in them
not being published. Both original manuscripts are still
fondly filed in my cabinet ...