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N size batteries - Art - 01-25-2000

I've just scanned at least a dozen stores, including a couple of Radio Shack's, CVS's and other stores that sell more battery types than double and triple A, but every single store is sold out of N size batteries, and they don't know if or when they're going to get more. A Radio Shack employee told me that this is because the Pokemon toys take N size batteries, just like my 41's do... *Argh!* This is in central CT, USA, by the way. Anyone else with similar problems?

Re: N size batteries - Jan H. Bos - 01-26-2000

I can get them in Europe. Are you interested? I could ship them. Regards, Jan

Re: N size batteries - Chris Catotti - 01-26-2000

Radio Shack can take phone orders and send them to your house for $1.00 shipping. Call 1-800-THE-SHACk. I prefer to use EVERREADY or DURACELL batteries. Both companies guarantee to repair or replace any item damaged by a leaking battery.

Re: N size batteries - Todd Garabedian - 01-26-2000

Have you tried Staples or another office supply store? I saw N sized Duracells at Staples a couple of weeks ago. You'll pay about double over the Radio Shack price, but at least you can use your calculator!


Re: N size batteries - Joe - 02-01-2000

Staple's cost is double Radio Shacks??? Geez, I don't even wnat to know what they charge! I've found that the local radio shacks want double or more what they costs at Target or Wallmart. If you can use a bunch of cells (and can affford it!) call one of the large battery supplies like TNR. They sell them in lots of 100 or 144 for about $.50 each. See the discussion about the 1/3AA (N-75) cells for TNRs URL.


Re: N size batteries - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 02-04-2000

Just in case, the Duracell number for N type batteries is MN9100. Also Eveready N size are OK. From time to time, there are questions about N size batteries in this forum. I have posted this same comment twice before and, I don't know why, there always appears someone or other irritated at the idea of not buying N size batteries from Radio Shack. It puzzled me, lets see what happens this time :-) And, again, Radio Shack is a fine company, I have nothing against them (I just miss the time when they also carried electronic components...). But they are not present on all countries, so it is good to have alternatives.

Weird Batteries - Todd Garabedian - 02-08-2000

Yep, last time I checked, Radio Shack charges $1.79 for two alkaline N cells of their own brand. Staples had Duracell N cell in packs of two for $3.49 I think. Big difference. But if Walmart is even less, I'll check there.

The best part about going to Radio Shack is looking at all the weird batteries!!!!

Re: N size batteries - Rudi Smit - 02-18-2000

The rectifier section of te printer hp82143a blew up without batterypack inserted. Would you have a suggestion how to get a wiring diagram of this printer ? HP gave no response. Thanks


Re: N size batteries - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 02-18-2000

Keep in mind that the N size batteries are the little ones in the HP41, I think the batteries in the printer were C size. Perhaps you should start a new thread with your question.

Re: N size batteries - Wally McGahey - 03-25-2000

I had bad luck with Radio Shack's batteries. A while ago Radio Shack must have had a batch of defective N sized batteries. My HP-41 Calculator got destroyed when they started leaking. It happened to a friend of mine as well.