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Data logger for 48GX - Wayne - 05-13-2003

I am looking for a data logger that is compatible with a HP 48GX. I am mostly interested in collecting analog signals over a range of 0 to 1 volt dc and 0 to 5 volt dc. It would be quite handy if the data logger could, also, record temperature, either from a built in sensor or, better yet, from an external sensor, i.e. thermocouple, thermistor, or RTD. I have read literature about the Portable DataLab for the 48G+/48GX and 49G that is manufactured by Firmware Systems, Inc. I am curious if anybody has used this data logger from Firmware Systems and what they thought about it. Also, Does anybody know of any other data loggers that are compatible with the HP 48GX?

Re: Data logger for 48GX - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-13-2003

As far as I can tell, the PDL from FSI (http://www.firmwaresystems.com/) works very well. I worked through the examples in the different books, and it was fun.

AFAIK a remote controlled version of the PDL is used to control kind of water selling machines in shopping malls.



Re: Data logger for 48GX - Christoph Klug - 05-14-2003

Dear Wayne,

please contact Tony Duell from HPCC. He developed a nice hardware interface system platform for HP48. This converts the RS232 interface of the HP48 to I2C bus. Applications for digital I/O and analogue I/O exist. Tonys design is modular, it is possible to enlarge it for your own application...

For HP41 exist the I/O-Board and the IL2000 system for hardware interfacing, measurement and data logger applications. Furthermore special audio measurement hardware exist for this systems : For example a computer controlled sine wave oscillator and a rms-voltmeter with 12bit ADC. Including HP41 software for frequency response measurement. Detailled information you get by reading the 300page I/O-board manual and the 150page IL2000 manual...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug