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17B mk 2 - how to open case? - Dave Brown - 05-09-2003

Subject line sez all- I suspect this is one that needs to be sliced/ripped open(gently!) as I can find no case screws. It powers on with all display 'black' and won't respond to reset etc but this may be something to do with one of the keys being apparently stuck down- pity as its basically in 'as new' condition. Instruction book was still unopened and in original plastic wrapping.
Hope to get it going again.

Re: 17B mk 2 - how to open case? - Randy Sloyer - 05-09-2003

The only access to a Pioneer keyboard is from the back. Don't try to peel the aluminum bezel off the front.

But, before ripping into it, I would try soaking the unit in warm distilled water. The thinking is that many times keys are stuck down by spilling cola and other sticky liquids into the keyboard. Then they get pressed and presto, stuck key. Let it soak for awhile, press the keys every five minutes or so, dunk again. If you see stuff coming out in the water, change it so you finish in clean water. See if it changes behavior at all, you may get lucky. When done, shake all the water out and leave to dry for at least a day. I've salvaged several "dead" 42S this way.

The other more fatal problem is the formed mylar dome under the key collapsing. You can't fix a single key without complete replacement. That will require an organ donor for the 4 mylar sheets that make up the keyboard and lots of patience to graft the parts together. Not a lot of fun, but it can be done.

Re: 17B mk 2 - how to open case? - Dave Brown - 05-09-2003

Tks Randy- Yes, having had another look at the problem I am going to have to get in the back and pull it all apart. There is only one key with a problem and it's not the keytop-looks like the underlying layers of stuff etc have indeed collapsed as the keytop is quite free and can be lifted up fine but just drops down when released. I suspect permanent damage so not sure what I'll find when I get in there- a great pity as it is in brand new condition and I doubt has ever ben used. I guess I need to prove the 'stuck key' issue is what prevents it otherwise behaving normally before I start to think about getting replacement bits from somewhere. Was hoping to be able to do that from 'outside' but it looks too difficult as I think I would have to 'damage' the keytop to remove it.

Re: 17B mk 2 - how to open case? - Paul Brogger - 05-09-2003

You don't want to try removing the key. The Pioneer calculator case front and keys are all molded as a single plastic unit. Each key is attached to the case by two thinner sections of the plastic, which act as hinges. To remove a key, you'd have to cut the hinge.

You may still want to do the water soak before opening the thing. It could be that the mylar dome is held down by something sticky, and not actually damaged.

Randy Sloyer just fixed a stuck R/S key on an HP-42s of mine with several baths in an ultrasonic cleaner. (It turned out that, for that one, I think he had to use a solvent to remove machine oil or something, but water should help with anything that's water-soluble.)

If you do need internal keyboard spare parts, those from any other Pioneer model should do. Here again, I think Randy has the details.

Good luck, and keep us posted.