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Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - Gordon Dyer - 05-01-2003

For those of you who have not seen this, here is a page dedicated to a joint venture with HP which was started in 1963.


Re: Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - Matthias - 05-01-2003

I know these calc, but ... where can I buy one of them?


Re: Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - Gordon Dyer - 05-01-2003

I haven't ever seen one, but try writing to the owner of that site in Japan.

Re: Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - Ellis Easley - 05-02-2003

David Packard talks about YHP in "The HP Way" in a section about quality. It was HP's first joint venture and the Yokogawa company had been in the business of "process instrumentation". Could that have something to do with analog computing? I have a universal bridge from Yokogawa HP. The heart of it seems to be an enormous precision potentiometer that is connected to a very long dial, it must generate a voltage that models a complex function. We had a computerized network gain-phase analyzer at Tandy that I think was from Yokogama HP. I remember using it to plot the frequency response and calculate the equivalent circuit of quartz crystals - they would have inductances of hundreds of Henrys and minute capacitances. Packard also talks about an HP facilty in Boeblingen, Germany, which was part of HP's first steps to distribute their products in Europe. I have two pulse generators built in Boeblingen including the 8005B - I always wanted that one because it is frequently mentioned in the test conditions section of semiconductor data sheets.

Re: Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - David Smith - 05-02-2003

I know a lot of the Yokogawa calculators were just regular HP calculators with Japanese labels. Mike Davis had Yokogawa HP65 last year.

Re: Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - mantra - 05-05-2003

Strictly YHP does not exist anymore - the joint venture entity was bought out by HP in the 90s from Yokogawa Electric and mostly went with Agilent as the Hachioji Semiconductor Test Division (products starting HP/Agilent 414x and 40xx and E52xx) and the Kobe Instrument Division (products starting 42xx and 419x). Unfortunately the chances of finding someone at either HP or Agilent who knows anything about YHP, let alone YHP calculators, is virtually nil. The layoffs were not kind at either company.

Re: Yokogawa Hewlett Packard - Ellis Easley - 05-06-2003

My universal bridge is HP4260A and the gain/phase analyzer I'm pretty sure is the HP4194A I found in my 1989 catalog. I looked in the 1986 catalog first and all the network analyzers were 87xx and used external computers, the 4194A is self-contained. Its proper name is Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer.