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HP48 to HP 17 - keith - 01-13-2000

Does anyone know of any programs available to provide most (if not all) of the financial functionality of an HP17 (or 19/12/10) on an HP48? Am very interested. Also, if this exists, can you please provide me some contacts? Thanx.

Re: HP48 to HP 17 - Ron Ross - 01-13-2000

The hp 48g has TVM built in the solution pack. Also free downloads to almost any area of interest widely available. The 48g is being replaced by the 48g+ which has 128k instead of 32k. For your own programming 32k might be enough and 48g's are around $70 or less right now. However if you are getting programs off your pc via the internet, 32k will fill up quickly. PC cable is ????