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david e - hp9114B battery alternative - 04-16-2003

Hi....I recently came into a hp9114B disc drive. The unit is missing the battery however. Is there any other alternative power source that may work?

Battery or Battery Pack - Mike - 04-16-2003

Is it missing just the battery or is it missing the whole battery pack?

Replacement, drop-in replacement batteries are available. Don't know where you would get a pack, if that's what you are missing.

Re: Battery or Battery Pack - Tony Duell - 04-16-2003

If you are missing the complete battery pack, then you can power the drive by feeding 6V DC from a PSU (capable of suppling at least 1.5A) into the 2 pin plug inside the battery compartment at the back of the drive. The connector (suprisingly for HP) is a standard part -- a 2 pin mini-Jones connector. Such connectors were used on radio equipment at one time, and a friendly radio amateur might have a suitable socket in the junk box.
If you take the top cover off the drive (4 TX9 screws on the underside), you can see the back of the connector. The red wire is, as expected, +ve.

Re: Battery or Battery Pack - drop-in replacement - Terry Ingram - 04-17-2003

A drop-in replacement is available from:
TNR Technical, Inc.

PowerSonic PS-628 lead-acid battery. Cost: $12.00

I have purchased this battery recently, and it installs easily, and works fine.