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HP collectors meeting - Gianmaria Porrini - 01-11-2000

Why don’t we fix an appointment this summer so that we can have a nice experience in meeting all the members of the HP collectors group? Any place in Usa could be good for me... Thanks! Gian from Italy (http://welcome.to/gian)

Australia would be nice - steve - 01-11-2000

It's already summer in Australia now. All you northern hemespherians can come down here and escape the cold.

But seriously, if there's any collectors in or near Perth, Western Australia -- I'd love to hear from you.

My (ever so slightly mangled) email address is:

shodges at wantree dot com dot au

Re: HP collectors meeting - I'd prefer Austria - Reinhard Hawel - 01-11-2000

nothing more to say.

A collectors meeting in central Europe could be of interest too. Come on guys, I know that there are more collectors in Germany and Italy.

Re: HP collectors meeting - I'd prefer the Netherlands - Jan H. Bos - 01-12-2000

Why not in the Netherlands? Can be easy reached by everybody, also from across the ocean, is (still) affordable and nice. Regards, Jan

Re: HP collectors meeting - DaveJ - 01-12-2000

Make it in Minnesota.....

Re: HP collectors meeting - Randy Smith - 01-13-2000

Well, heck, I'll be near Trier, Germany starting late April 2000. I'll be there for at least 2 years. Randy

Definitely The Netherlands ! - Jos Clee - 01-13-2000

As Jan says: Easily reached, affordable, nice people (Ha !).

Re: HP collectors meeting - Chris Catotti - 01-13-2000

How about Orlando, Florida U.S.A. Pick a date and let me check with my wife, and I'll help arrange accomidations, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Cape Kenedy Space Center, Cruise (Port Canaveral is 60 minutes by car), etc.

Re: HP collectors meeting? - Gianmaria Porrini - 01-13-2000

Now could be necessary a definitive word from the father of this great site, Dave G. Hicks, who really might be the organizer of that HP collectors world-meetings... isn't it?

Re: HP collectors meeting? - Reinhard Hawel - 01-14-2000

I didn't want to go that far. Sure, it would be nice to organize a meeting, but because of the number of collectors in the U.S. it would surely be best to make such a world-wide meeting in the U.S.

I, for instance couldn't afford the journey just for the collectors meeting (think of the number of collectors you could buy just for the flight). This could be of interest, if I could combine it with other things (job, ...) but I don't see a chance for this now.

I'm sure, others (Europe, Australia, ...) would think the same.

It seems strange to me, that mostly Europeans have answered in this thread.

What I liked, was just to meet some other collectors and sure, the reason mentioning Austria was, because I live there :-) . Besides that, Vienna is a nice town.

A central-European meeting should take part, where all the collectors have the shortest way and this does mainly depend on the distance (or cost)for the single people and who would like to come there.

In example a cheap weekend trip flight to London might be cheaper for me, than a journey with the railway to Hamburg or Amsterdam.

So hey, let's have fun with all of this. We shouldn't make too much troubles with organizing before a critical mass is reached (but we can use this forum every time for organizing smaller meetings in some corners of the world).

More people interested ? Drop into this thread and tell what you'd like.

Re: HP collectors meeting? - Dave Hicks - 01-15-2000

I'm afraid I don't have the time to organize a meeting at this time. (But Italy sounds like the most fun to me ;-))

Re: HP collectors meeting? - Joe - 02-01-2000

Dave Hicks said: "I'm afraid I don't have the time to organize a meeting at this time. (But Italy sounds like the most fun to me ;-)) "

Hell, Dave. We've had the last two practicly in your back yards and you didn't show up. What makes you think you'd make it to Italy? :-/

Personally, I'd love to go to Italy but I couldn't afford it. Chris Cottoti, International Calculator and I will organize one here in Orlando if we have enough interest.