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crazy ebay price - Olivier Croissant - 03-31-2003

is n it crazy ?

Re: crazy ebay price - db (martinez, ca.) - 03-31-2003

yes, it is a crazy price. i have one that i paid a buck for. however; there are a couple of things to consider. the one in the auction looks new (it's original owner probably found it a drag to use and bought an rpn). buying a ti from that seller would be like buying an hp from dave.
if joerg says it is perfect then it is; he would know. it is a pity that he did not have a battery to go with it but the lack of a charger is easy to explain: do you want to buy and pay for shipping for a 220v adapter that has a plug pattern we don't use here? all said you are right; some people have too much disposable income. but notice the starting price; i don't believe the seller thought it would be that desireable either.

Re: crazy ebay price - Maybe not that much - Gene - 03-31-2003

The SR-51 original version is tough to find in anything close to good condition.

The SR-51A revised version came out within 6-10 months of the SR-51 being available.

The silver trim that is on the SR-51 wears off VERY easily.

And, Jorge is a very reputable seller so the buyers should know that what they see is what they get.

Good for Jorge and good for the buyer, who obviously wants a good SR-51.

Me, I'm still seeking a good working SR-60 desktop. :-)

Re: crazy ebay price - Maybe not that much - Dia C. Tran - 03-31-2003

Yeah it's crazy but I once sold a 51A for $150. The buyer said he wanted a 51 and offer $200 but I had only the 51A so he agreed to pay $150. He lived in Australia and had a brother in law lived about 15 miles from my home.
The 51A I sold was in very good conditon with the bad battery pack, manual and case. Yes, I tested the unit and made sure that is was working. I paid $1 for the thing at a yard sale. I sold it because I am not a TI collector.

Re: crazy ebay price: finally 227.5 ! - Olivier Croissant - 03-31-2003

So some people value this thing that much !