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Substitute Magnetic Cards for HP-97? - Paul Brogger - 03-31-2003

I'm assuming magnetic cards for the HP-67/97 are getting hard to find. I've got only two.

Has anyone tried to cobble together a workable substitute? Say, by sticking a piece of magnetic tape to a strip of to a piece of a playing card? Cutting up subway tickets? Other?

No need - Mike - 03-31-2003

It's not worth the bother, even if possible, as they are still around.

Here's one source - Dave Mabry - 03-31-2003

If you haven't already been notified, here is one place that you can get HP magnetic cards. I believe the seller is a frequent poster here, so he might contact you directly.

E-bay auction for 160 cards
...started with a "buy-it-now" price of $20.

Re: well, I just assumed . . . - Paul Brogger - 03-31-2003


I'm not looking for eighty, but it's nice to know they're still available.

-- Paul B.