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Tricks for Hp42S - Iqbal - 12-14-1999

Does anyone know of a program to make all the knobs on the keyboard play a tone when depressed like the one for the 41 series. Any other tricks for the 42S, except the speed up one.

Tell me the speed up one - steve - 12-14-1999

Post the speed up one, if you have it.

Re: Tell me the speed up one - Valtoni - 12-14-1999

Check this address: http://members.aol.com/hpgene/hp42fast.htm

There's something about "debug mode" but I couldn't find anything else on this.

Re: Tell me the speed up one - Iqbal - 12-14-1999



Thanks - steve - 12-15-1999

Thanks for the pointers to the speed up trick. (and other info)