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HP 14B Self test - Neil - 03-19-2003

I have a 50th anniversary version of the hp 14b. When I run the selftest including keyboard test, and the message '14b -OK' comes up, there is also a small '0' just above the '14b -OK' appearing.
I'm curious to know if this zero comes up on all hp 14b calcs when the selftest is completed or could it be some kind of flaw with the LCD display or something. I have other hp calc models and I've never seen this before when doing the same type of selftest.

Re: HP 14B Self test - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-19-2003

Maybe it's something like a revision or version number.


Re: HP 14B Self test - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 03-19-2003

It comes up on mine too (and it is not an anniversary edition).

Re: HP 14B Self test - Neil - 03-19-2003

Thanks for the quick replies. I guess since it comes up on your 14b as well Massimo, it must be normal with the 14b.