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How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - Joe - 03-17-2003


how do you add a constant over and over again? I have an HP12c and I would like to take a starting value and keep adding 128 to it.

I can do this by taking the original value 1240 + 128. One would do it like this:

1240 ENTER
128 +

This gives me a total to which I want to add 128 to. What is the easiest way to do that? I can hit ENTER and 128 + once again, but is there a better way?

On certain 'regular' calculators, one has to just hit the plus button and you get your answer. Is there something similar using RPN?


Re: How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - Michael Meyer - 03-17-2003

It's easy!

Simply type in "128", Enter, Enter, Enter.

Then type in an X value, hit "+".

You can keep adding 128 to the total by hitting "+".

Or, to add another number to 128, hit "CLX"; type in the new X, then hit plus.

Any value placed in the "t" register will be duplicated when the stack "drops".



Re: How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - db (martinez, ca.) - 03-17-2003

128 (# in your example), enter, enter, enter, whatever # you want to preform arithmatic on, + - X or /, note or store your answer, roll down, key in the next number you want to preform an operation on, then + - X or /, note or store the answer, roll down, repete till your tired of it. this works on any rpn with a replicating t register, not just hp.

Re: How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - Scuba Diver - 03-17-2003

Just a word of caution;

This doesn't work on all HPs, only those with 4-level stacks.

Filling the t-stack with your constant won't work on the 28 and 48, for instance, because neither calculator has a t-level

Interestingly, it does work on the 17BII and 19BII, eventhough they don't actually have a standard 4-level stack...their stack expands to a maximum of 4 levels, depending on the number of items placed in it.


Re: How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - Richard Garner - 03-17-2003

I am not familiar with the 12c, but if it is capable of it. Do a 128 STO 01, then every time you wanted to +, -, *, or / you could do a RCL+ 01, RCL- 01, RCL* 01 or RCL/ 01. This has the advantage of leaving the stack elements in place for other calculations.

Re: How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - Joe - 03-17-2003

Thank you all for the timely answers. I appreciate it.


Re: How to add a 'constant' using RPN? - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 03-18-2003

I'd probably use the LASTX command. Press the prefix key g, then LSTX (the ENTER key), and then +.