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RE: HP95LX battery problem - Louise Man - 12-05-1999

I am using a Hp 95 LX to great satisfaction. However I am getting battery low warnings lately notwithstanding changing the batteries for fresh ones. Anyone outhere sugestions???



Re: RE: HP95LX battery problem - DaveC - 12-05-1999

Your Nicads are coming to the end of their useful life, possibly one cell has already failed. Change them now! You are putting additional strain on the backup battery and could lose data. DO NOT change the backup battery at the same time as the nicads!

Re: RE: HP95LX battery problem - Louise Man - 12-05-1999

Dear DaveC

I have changed batteries, both main and backup. But problem remain. Furthermore I do not use Nicads.

Thanks anyway.


Re: RE: HP95LX battery problem - DaveC - 12-05-1999

I misread changed for charged, don't know why, maybe too early in the morning?

Check: You ARE using alkaline cells Duracell etc? Any sign of leakage (they should be bright metal not green or brown!), if so, use a PEN eraser to clean the contacts. IF this is the case be careful NOT to get any of the goo in the machine.

Re: RE: HP95LX battery problem - steve - 12-05-1999

Probably a good idea to clean the contacts anyway. The HP-28S I have appeared to have clean contacts, but cleaning them did the trick!

Admitedly, the HP-28S contacts are way inside where they're difficult to get a good look at...

Re: RE: HP95LX battery problem - TERENCE PETERSEN - 12-05-1999

I've got 3 of them, one gives me low main and backup, another has backup low warning, seems the logic for the voltage levels is sensitive, but does not affect life of batteries. One reads .5v main and .1v backup using Buddy95 checks, and .4 or .5v on adapter 9vdc or ac, and I rely on hours of use using Buddy95 clocks, and usually change main batteries after 10 to 20 hours of use, never had a loss of data, and I change backup every 6 months or so, why not? (I have had all three apart to fix unworking keys or bad displays, so I may have touched something to cause this). Buddy95 is a must, get it from palmtop paper archives or other sources, and pay for it, it is worth the small amount wanted!