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HP17BII Emulator - Johan Verwey - 03-03-2003

I need Windows PC emulator of an HP 17BII
I will need it for educational purposes, ie instructing students to use the calculator using a LCD projector
A link to an HP12C emulator will also be a nice to have

Re: HP17BII Emulator - Christoph Giesselink - 03-04-2003


the emulator isn't the real problem, you need a ROM image from your real HP17BII I. All ROM's are copyrighted by HP. Some images can be downloaded and can be used freely for non commercial purpose, but most aren't. The HP17BII ROM are belonging to the 2nd category. So don't ask for a place where such an image can be dowloaded, you have to make an image by yourself.

Jean-Francois Garnier wrote an article at


how to do this with a HP42S. In opposite to the HP42S a HP17BII International has 96KB of ROM, so end of ROM isn't at 1ffffh, it's at 2ffffh.

When you managed to do a correct image of the ROM you can use the HP42S alpha state emulator sources mentioned in


The program was written to emulate a HP42S, but will also work with a HP17BII ROM image. You have to make a HP17BII skin for yourself.