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HP 48GX version - Silvio - 02-22-2003

Hi all,

I know the 48GX is not a target machine on this forum, but I also know a lot of you guys are very knowledgeable on those machines.
My question is what is the most recent version of 48GX? I tried the "VERSION" command on 3 different machines, build on 97, 99 and 2002 and the result was always the same "HP48-R Copyright 1993".
Does that mean the operating system on the 48GX never evolved over the years? I'm having a hard time believing this.
Also, if there is no change in software, was any change in the hardware (other than the kbd and display)?


Re: HP 48GX version - Dia C. Tran - 02-22-2003

That means that the latest ROM is version R. The 1993 is the first year the 48GX was introduced. I think version R was introduced in 95 or 96 (someone might know this). My own 48GX is version P.

Re: HP 48GX version - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 02-22-2003


just to add some new info. I once read that the HP48G/G+ and the hP48GX O.S. are probably different from each other because of the expansion slots handling. My HP48G+ (two of them, serial # ID02000xxx and ID13900xxx) are both version R O.S. Should I think Version R is for the three of them OR there is a version R for the G/G+ and another for the GX?

Just to clear the facts out.


Re: HP 48GX version - Ron Ross - 02-22-2003

There is no mistake. Version R is the latest. A 48G+ can easily handle more RAM, if you were to physically add missing IC compenents (instructions are same as expanding a 48G). The properties and bugs of the 48 are well documented also on hpcalc.org.

The R version is the last and since the OS was much simpler in comparision and much better tested than the 49, all ROM versions are good, the R version was just the last and best. Hp's abandonment or lack of reason to improve since 95 was due to relocation of its calculator division.