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Variants of HP-32SII - Patrick - 02-20-2003

I've noticed that the "brown" version of the HP-32SII fetches a higher price on eBay than it's "silver" variant. Is this simply a function of availability or is there a quality difference?

Also, am I right to assume that the silver variant is the more recently built?

Re: Variants of HP-32SII - Gordon Dyer - 02-20-2003

I have recently acquired a 32SII which is 2001, Indonesia.
It is Silver/black and has nice keyboard feel with a good contrast, clear display. The only downside is that the shifted key colours and legends are white and turquose/green. I prefer the traditional orange and blue colours, but the contrast is ok so it is down to personal preference.

Re: Variants of HP-32SII - Randy Sloyer - 02-20-2003

FWIW, the early Singapore brown models had double-shot keytops instead of printed legends. Result is they never scratch off. Second thing, the Singapore models had better keyboards, that is they lack the clicking and popping that some of the Indonesian models exhibit.

Re: Variants of HP-32SII - Ed Martin - 02-20-2003

I have owned three variants of the 32SII, which have the following attributes:

1) Early Singapore production - double shot keys, good key feel (no "sticky snap" sound), brown bezel with good quality orange/blue printing. I'm not sure when production transitioned from Singapore to Indonesia, but I think it was mid to late 1990's

2) Early Indonesia production - printed keys, some keys have "sticky snap" sound, brown bezel with still OK orange/blue printing. Note that printed keys are dull (the double shot ones are shiny).

3) Late Indonesia production - printed keys, some keys have "sticky snap" sound, silver bezel with green/lilac printing.

Quality really seems to have gone downhill on this last batch. If you look carefully, the bezel stamping itself is different (especially noticeable in the detail around the LCD - does not have the clean "double step" around the LCD) and in fact, there seems to be a dimensioning problem, since the bezel is bent upward from the middle of the top row of keys. Also, the print registration on later models is poor. It is not unusual to have the green row printed above or below the lilac on at least part of the keyboard.

Unfortunately, my 32SII that died was an early Singapore model. The ENTER key died, probably from overuse.

- Ed

Re: Variants of HP-32SII - Gordon Dyer - 02-21-2003

I seem to have been lucky (so far) as my Indonesian silver bezel 32SII, ID13800466 has not got the sticky click on the keys and the print registration is ok. Perhaps with more use the keys will begin to stick, but not yet!

I knkow what the problem is like because I have a 10B which I can't use.

Re: Variants of HP-32SII - Vincent FONTAINE - 02-27-2003

I have bought an Indonesian model and not an Singapore model because I have preferred the colours of keys (green and lilas) and the silver color of the bezel. I think colours of the last models is better to show functions on keyboard.

My model works without problem and I have no sticky clicks