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HP 49G Screen Cover - Nick Nicholas - 02-19-2003

I understand HP changed the screen cover to a more scratch resistant version on later models of the HP 49G. Is there any physical characteristics that would distinguish the updated version?

Re: HP 49G Screen Cover - Ron Ross - 02-19-2003

Not from any quick look, but the older lens had a very noticable rainbow effect and would be an ID93### or older. The newer lens cover is definitely available on the ID94###.
Different Faceplate texture and a slight dimple above the Hp logo also indicate a newer Hp49G also (but if you do not have both, you probably do not or cannot determine this).

Re: HP 49G Screen Cover - Nick Nicholas - 02-19-2003

Thanks for the information on the screen cover. I have a HP 49G with serial number CN148***** and I don't see the rainbow effect so I assume that the screen cover is the newer type.