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How much is an HP25 worth? - Dia C. Tran - 02-17-2003

How much do you think a fully functional HP25 with bad battery, good charger, case and manual is worth. The unit is in fair cosmetic condition.
A friend wants to sell it to me and ask me to make an offer. I did tell him that he can get a good price selling on ebay and I can not pay ebay price. What price do you think is fair?

Re: How much is an HP25 worth? - Spice_Man - 02-17-2003

I think $50 is fair.

Re: How much is an HP25 worth? - Glen Kilpatrick - 02-17-2003

There's an attitude that says "fair" is what the marketplace agrees on (I've been reading Dummy's Guide to Real Estate), and in that sense eBay.Com is the biggest single meetingplace marketplace there is. IMHO, it's speculation (just like gold, or IPOs, or land) that's driven up the price of HP calcs there, and affected all the rest of us, so a price there certainly won't seem "fair" to a buyer, but there you are.

I'd recommend check "Completed Items", "All Regions", discard the obvious suspicious points, and average what's left:


suggests (103.53+167.50+137.50+77)/4->121.3825 or somewhere around $120 would be a fair price.

Re: How much is an HP25 worth? - David Smith - 02-17-2003

$120 is way too much for an HP25 in fair condition. $50 seems about right the way you described it... $75 tops if the machine is in extra nice condition. The $100+ machines should be pretty much like new with the original box and app book, quick reference guide, zipper case, etc.

Hopefully you can test it first. These machines are well known for having bad ACT chips and bad RAM chips. NEVER connect one to a charger unless a GOOD battery is installed. You can test it with alkaline AA cells.

Re: How much is an HP25 worth? - Dia C. Tran - 02-18-2003

Thanks for the inputs. I do have the luxury of examining the unit before making an offer. I did tell the owner that if he wants good money for it then he should list it on Ebay. I told him that I can not pay as high a price as he likely to get from selling it on Ebay.
I have to wait until the calc is here.

Re: How much is an HP25 worth? - Frank - 02-18-2003

I suggest $80-100 including case, charger and battery pack in good condition. $150 including all original acc/manuals in mint condition in box