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Is it safe to buy on ebay [nt] - Naim - 11-09-1999


Re: Is it safe to buy on ebay [nt] - Randy Smith - 11-09-1999

I have made a few purchases through eBay. I have only had one small problem. The seller described the calculator as a 41CV from looking at the users manual, not at the calculator itself. It ended up being a 41C. Other than that one small problem I have been satisfied with my HP purchases on eBay. The only thing I would warn you about is to not get carried away in a bidding war. If you want something, keep in mind the most you would like to pay for the item and don't exceed that amount. It could get expensive. Randy

Re: Is it safe to buy on ebay [nt] - kevin - 11-09-1999

See the info on this site about eBay: http://www.hpmuseum.org/ebaywarn.htm Prices tend to be very high. With that in mind, I have had generally good luck buying on eBay. On eBay many of the sellers don't know much about what they are selling or represent themselves that way. It is common to see in descriptions "I don't know how to test it so sold as is" or "I don't have the adapter so sold as is". I recently purchased an HP-41C on eBay that was in poor condition and showed signs of being unsuccessfully repaired. Disapointing, but I was buying from a seller who didn't know anything about the calculator. Don't be afraid to email sellers with questions: battery corrosion, bad displays, etc. I've been happier with my purchases from the classifieds on this site than from eBay.