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Just to share happiness - R Lion (Spain) - 01-18-2003

I've just agreed with another calculator's fool a trade, so I'll put my hands in a 42S in *very* good condition soon
I've completed an ace's poker: 15c, 32SII, 42S and 48GX...


Re: Just to share happiness - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 01-18-2003

Hi, Raul;

good news, indeed!

I see you have no HP41 in your list. Have you already dealt with an HP41 before? If so, if you know how to deal with an HP41, you already know about half of the resources of the HP42S and about 85% of its operation.


Best regards.

Re: Just to share happiness - R Lion (Spain) - 01-18-2003

Hi Luiz:
No, I don't have the 41. Many years ago (first 80's) I used a 34c and learn RPN (but I didn't own it)... Now, the "four aces" are the calcs I have -when the 42 arrives.
I'm reading the 41 software library yet...