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I like the new HP10B-II - Bill Wiese - 01-13-2003

I've been using the new HP10B-II financial calculator over last few months for figuring mortgage stuff. Too bad it's not RPN :-(

Wonder what CPU this machine is using.

The KB is pretty tolerable to me but of course not up to Woodstock/etc. quality standards - but I do like it better than that of the "new" HP12Cs being sold despite its "Carlyization". Display is OK, could be brighter (or should I say, offer a tad more contrast). The keytops look pretty good, not sure if they're painted but double-shot injection molding is prob too expensive.

But overall feel and formfactor are good. I'd love to see a 42S or 41C-derivative in this package.

In fact for what I'm doing these days I can almost get away with nonprogrammability given there's a PC around. Perhaps a reincarnation of the orig HP27 (*not* 27S) plus some HP16C features would be great - that is, a nice RPN sci calc plus some finance features (not necessarily a whole 12C) plus a fair set of base conversions, etc.

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA

Re: I like the new HP10B-II - Gordon Dyer - 01-15-2003

I also have bought a 10BII recently and find it 'acceptable'. They have made an attempt to keep the traditional good look and feel of the old calcs, but not quite managed it! The dosplay bezel is a tacky cheap stick on which is so thin it ripples. The 'grippy' edges just prevent it slipping into its cheap looking slip case. The blue colour doesn't have enough contrast. The keys are not reliable as the "click" occurs just before contact is made, so I have to push it through the click harder than is natural.

I sincerely hope that HP read these messages and ensure that these problems are sorted on any new calculators as I am sure it affects sales and is preventing a new generation of calculator users from converting to HP for their quality.