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Reconditioning Battery Packs - Mark Miller - 10-16-1999

I have recently had a company called Power Cell recell some Hp 41c 82120 and thermal printer nicads. The turn around time was 3 days and they used all the original paper tubes etc. I would recommend them and they may be able to help other users/collectors with dead packs.

Power Cell Australia pty ltd 228-230 Hlifax St Adelaide 5000 South Australia

email sales@powercell.com.au

Re: Reconditioning Battery Packs - steve - 10-17-1999

What did they charge you? Can they handle the HP41 nicad pack (did you ask)?

I'm in Perth, WA. Are you in SA?

Re: Reconditioning Battery Packs - Mark Miller - 10-18-1999

I couldn't believe my good luck here was a company in Australia and in South Australia where I live. They have so far reconditioned/replaced cells in the HP 41 calculator packs using 1/3 AAA nicads and the HP thermal printer with SubC cells. They work perfectly and they guarantee the repair as long as you leave their seal intact.

Re: Reconditioning Battery Packs - Mark Miller - 10-18-1999

oops forgot to mention about $5-$7 for the batteries each plus approx $10 labour per pack. Prices are in Australian dollars.... bargain