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Pile of 48GX found - GE (France) - 01-08-2003


As usual when I propose to purchase brand new calculators for others here I don't expect any answer whatsoever. This reminds me of my offer to pass a few 32SII at cost one year ago...

So this time I stumbled upon a pile of unopened HP48GX boxes at the price of 180 Eur. These are French models, with manuals (er... user guides) in French. Apart from that, they are brand new.

Is this a bargain or shall I just forget about it ?
Anyone wants one ?

Greetings and let's see what comes up in 2003.

Re: Pile of 48GX found - Dave - 01-08-2003

It is not a bargain now, but with the prices 32SII calcs went to, who knows?

Re: Pile of 48GX found - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 01-08-2003

Hello, GE;

thank you for your kindness. I remember that, at that time, I'd have troubles (I still have) on paying, so I gave up before asking you a favor.

What I am wondering is about the fact that this is the third time we see posts about piles of HP calculators being found in Europe. These are glad news, I am sure, but how come? The first one was the set of many unopened HP41CX. Despite their price (what allowed some users to buy one) this was a remarkable happening. Now you find NIB HP48GX right after finding some NIB HP32S.

That's always good news. I'm just glad for the geographic coincidence. (I wish it happened in Brazil, too. Europe is too far and the mail is a lot slow...)


Re: Pile of 48GX found - Silvio - 01-08-2003

Hi all.
I just came back from a long vacation in South America.
I was able to find large quantities of 48GXs for US$85~US$90, and 49Gs for US$110~US$120 in Paraguay; all Brazilian versions, with Portuguese docs.


Re: Pile of 48GX found - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 01-10-2003

Yesterday, there were three (until I bought one) 48GX NIB (NIPBP - new in plastic blister pack!) at the Thunderbird Road Frys in Phoenix, Arizona for $149.99 . These were "made in Indonesia" models. At that price, 180 euros doesn't look too good.

Mais, si vous parlez francais ... !