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HP Prime Matrices curiosity - bluesun08 - 12-09-2013

In user manual on page 463 you can read: "You can create, edit, and operate on matrices and vectors in the Home view, CAS, or in programs. You can enter matrices directly in Home or CAS, or use the Matrix Editor ... There are ten reserved matrix variables available, named M0 to M9; however, you can save a matrix in a variable name you define. You can then use them in calculations in Home or CAS views or in a program. You can retrieve matrix names from the Vars menu, or just type their names from the keyboard. "

O.k. Let's begin:

In CAS i create a matrix [[1 2] [3 4]] Sto m1

Then i open the Matrix-Editor (Shift 4) and choose m1

Then i try to delete the last row like described on page 465.

Guess what happens ...