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HP-48GX & 50G Question - Matt Agajanian - 12-08-2013

Hi all, although the RPN/RPL stack in limited by available memory, what are the pending operations/parentheses level limits in Equation Entry and Algebraic Expression/Single-Line Entry (' ') modes on both the 48GX and the 50G?

Re: HP-48GX & 50G Question - David Hayden - 12-08-2013

Interesting question Matt. I know that algebraic expressions are actually stored in reverse polish notation (aka postfix). So there is no limit in the encoding. The only limit I can think of would be the command line parser and there it is probably limited by available memory.


Re: HP-48GX & 50G Question - Matt Agajanian - 12-08-2013

Well Dave, being that my calculator collecting days go as far back as 1972 and, with the release of TI's SR-52/56 models, I still use the pending ops/parentheses levels nomenclature. Even though we are far beyond the AOS days of yore, old habits of applying that technology to modern day calcs is a very worn habit of mine.

Thanks for the updated insight.