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RPN and TI - Michel Beaulieu - 01-06-2003

I wrote this message lower this forum : I agree with you, it's easy to learn, But why is it disapearing? Probably because RPN calculators were not in school or students budget limits no? I learned math with the help of TI calculators so it's difficult for me and a lot of students to change when you don't encounter RPN calculators.

TI should have built a linf of RPN calculators at the same price of a TI-30 in the 70' and probably their should be more RPN in school now.

I have a TI-83 and install a flash application call "RPN III"!!! It's fun but not a lot of functions of the calculators are integrated with this application. Someone should try to make a TI graphing completly RPN by doing a new operating system. :-)

Now what's up for the future? I know, HP calc were better quality and are RPN but as i can see now no new models this quality will be on the marquet soon. The most important thing is not HP but RPN! I think that TI have good quality graphing calculator now (TI-89, TI-86 etc) so i think too keep RPN alive "we" should write RPN operating system of flash application for these calculators this way, a LOT LOT of persons will be able to be in contact with RPN and probably like it and the demand for OEM RPN calculators will grow up.

Look at this link for TI89 :


For TI-83+ :


I'm not able to program in flashapp or assembly only basic and a totally integrated TI calculator with RPN will have to be a fast program so that's why i call for you here; it's a big job but the reward should be a gain in the popularity of RPN system whatever the manufacturer.

I'm a math teacher and if RPN was know by my student, they should do a lot less calculating errors!