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TRAN41 and hp41 files - Andy - 01-05-2003

I'm trying to transfer an hp41 program from my PC (old 286 with an hpil isa card) to my hp41 using trans41.

This site (http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/41td/41docs.htm#how) states that .RAW files can be utilized but I haven't gotten it to work yet.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Re: TRAN41 and hp41 files - Christoph Klug - 01-07-2003

Dear Andy

Some software routines for uploding data and programs from HP41 to PC by using TRANS41 you find in CHAPTER XV of the I/O-Board manual.

HP41-PC transfer would be easy with new version of EMU41 (full version from Jean Francois Garnier) This replaces TRANS41 and gives you much more power including real and virtual IL-Devices and an advanced HP41 emulator.

And some more good news for HP41 enthusiasts who are searching the exotic HP-IL/PC Interface Card : This is available now as second rebuild version.

For more details refer to "HP41-PC gateway and emulator" at the HP-Museum forum...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

Best wishes - Christoph Klug