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HP Prime print terminal - CD Dodds - 11-28-2013

I created a program which calculates elevations at intervals along a vertical curve. The data is returned using the print command. The data quite often scrolls off the top of the screen. According to the calculators help on print you should be able to arrow up and down through the data. This doesn't seem to work, I can push the data off the top of the screen using the touch screen but can't retrieve the data that scrolled off the the screen when the program ran. Am I expecting something that this is not intended for? I am used to RPN and using the stack for data storage. Any insight would be appreciated.

Re: HP Prime print terminal - cyrille de Brébisson - 11-29-2013


in prime, you would place all your data in a list and return the list at the end. you can then look at the list in the list editor (either by program doing an editlist, or by forcing the list in L1 or something like that, or by returning it and letting the user do a L1:=myProg type command line).

note that if you do l(0):=value, value gets ADDED at the end of the list!


Re: HP Prime print terminal - CD Dodds - 12-01-2013

Thanks, that worked nicely. Now I'm trying to get my stationing to look like stationing. I'm just using real numbers now ie "3025.42", but I would like it to display like "30+25.42".


Where STA is a variable containing a real number. I tried just the IP and FP parts but wind up with four decimal places in the station format since my settings are fix 4. Ie "30.000+25.4200". I have had a hard time getting the format command to work. Works for "30+"then errors out. Thinking I need figure out how to change the number of decimals displayed during that line in the program and forget the format command.

Re: HP Prime print terminal - cyrille de Brébisson - 12-02-2013


temporary change the display setting to normal
local t:= HFormat; HFormat:= 0;
local s:= string(IP(real/100))+"+"+string(real MOD 100);
HFormat:= t;

should work to get your "ab+cd.ef" in s...


Re: HP Prime print terminal - CD Dodds - 12-06-2013


I decided to abandon using interger part and fraction part and just deal with it as a string.

STA:=STRING(xt); //xt is real number (station)
STA:="0"+STA //adds a 0 in front, gives 0+25 instead of +25





everything works good except I still get odd output between
-0+99.99 and 0. Should be easy enough to fix. just need some time to think about it when I'm not worn to a frazzel. thanks again for your help.


Edited: 6 Dec 2013, 10:26 p.m.