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HP-70 simulator updated - Willy R. Kunz - 11-26-2013

Both the iPad and the iPhone version of RPN-70, a simulation of the HP-70, have been updated. The major change is the addition of 10 non-volatile memory registers, a feature sorely lacking in the original calculator. In addition, RPN-70 HD for iPad now supports landscape mode, allowing to watch the HP-70's registers while doing calculations.

RPN-70 HD and RPN-70 SD are free. Available on Apple's App Store.

Check out cuveesoft.ch for details.

Re: HP-70 simulator updated - Egan Ford - 11-26-2013

10 non-volatile memory registers

I had to chuckle this morning when I read that in the app store when doing the update. Not everyday you get that description.

Re: HP-70 simulator updated - BShoring - 11-26-2013

On the original the K and M regs were volatile, so this is an apt description.
Thanks Willy, for such a nice upgrade!


Re: HP-70 simulator updated - BShoring - 11-26-2013

These two (RPN-70 SD and RPN-70 HD) are really nice upgrades. I know many have wanted to see the iPad version get the same treatment (with the landscape mode) as the RPN-45 and RPN-67. This was beautifully done. I'm even happier about the RPN-70 SD as I can carry that around with me everywhere I go.

There are not many really lifelike emulations of the older LED HP's for iOS, but these are beautiful ones and well worth getting for anyone who likes classic HP machines!