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No HP 12c at Business Depot - Paul Guertin - 01-03-2003

Business Depot / Bureau en Gros (a Canadian chain of 175 Staples-like office equipment superstore) recently took the HP 12c off their business calculator line. The salespeople told me it was discontinued, but it's still listed on the hp.ca site.

Re: No HP 12c at Business Depot - Pyerre - 01-05-2003

Before Xmas, the salesman told me that they (Bureau en Gros) only have the HP-10BII & the HP-30S available for sale.
I've took a chance to insist for other HP models & he's finally found the last HP-12C(1) & HP-39G(2) in their spare stock.

NS. There was also a liquidation section in the corner laying around doing nothing, belong to a mountain of "no people interested"'s things, a HP-10B(new) & a HP-42S(NIB).
But this is another happy story ;-)