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HP PRIME: APP program code DISAPPEARS !! - Joseph Ec - 11-25-2013

Hi Friends,

Last week I received a friendĀ“s HP Prime calculator (and before many other with same problem), to send to it an APP of about 74KB (on program catalog indicate about 10K may be the PROGSIZE MOD 64 issue) any way...

The program sent fine, run fine but reseting with ON+Symb or even trying to edit the app program code, the code DISAPPEARS.

Please FIX IT, IT IS VERY FUSTRAITING AND IS NECESARY TO SEND, RE-SEND RE-RE-SEND and so ... UNTIL in program size finaly says about 10k then it is sure to use...

After days or weeks of use some people indicated me that the app does not run any more, and AGAIN THE APP PROGRAM CODE DISAPPEARED.


best regards!!