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A Wonderful Classic HP Calculator - BShoring - 11-21-2013

Amidst all the messages about Prime, some of you may have missed the post from Willy Kunz about the new iOS emulator of the rare HP-70 Financial Calculator from 1974. As many know, CuVee Software, who also makes very realistic emulators for the HP-67 and HP-45, has long had a free iPad app for the HP-70. Now they have a companion app for iPhone and iPod Touch. I had been hoping for such an app for some time and now I got it and it's great. It's just like having a real HP-70 right on your iPhone. Like the iPad version, the RPN-70 SD has much greater accuracy (probably about 14-15 digit accuracy) than the original and it produces the iterative interest calculaton at lightning speed. The same function on an HP-12C takes many seconds to complete. Also the vertical shape is to my mind much easier to use than a 12C. Like the RPN-45 SD, you can double click on the display and see a full register display. You can also cut and paste numbers to and from the display.

Best of all, this great app, as well as the iPad app are currently FREE. Thanks, Willy, for a fantastic app!


Re: A Wonderful Classic HP Calculator - aurelio - 11-22-2013

HI, chances to get windows emulators for all this wonderful stuff?

Re: A Wonderful Classic HP Calculator - BShoring - 11-22-2013

There are some Windows simulators of HP calculators. I've seen some that run in an internet browser for HP-35. HP-45 and I think HP-25. But there are probably some downloadable applications as well. Suggest you create a new message thread with the Subject line "HP emulators for Windows" and I am sure you'll get some leads.