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Willing to pay a lot for shipping from ebay? - Gene - 01-01-2003


This is a lot from the oregon police being auctioned off. Comes in at 600 pounds!

Says it includes some HP calculators, but doesn't specify which ones.

Perhaps someone in oregon might want to consider taking a chance? If so, you have to tell me if this is a skid full of HP-70s. :-)

If only we knew an Oregonian.... - Glen Kilpatrick - 01-01-2003

It's too bad we don't know someone in Oregon....

Say, what about Dave Hicks? Salem's less than an hour to the south of the MoHPC, we could all chip in a few dollars to the pot, and send him south. :)

Re: If only we knew an Oregonian.... - Chris Catotti - 01-02-2003

Dave, I'll contribute $100 (maximum) if you are interested. Freight is too much to buy for myself!

1. Summary of Charges

Weight Charge

Gross: 652 $ 1016.01

Discount: 35% - 355.60

Fuel Surcharge: + 23.11

Total Charges: $ 683.52

Service Time: Unable to determine service time from Salem OR 97301 to Oviedo FL 32765.

Oviedo FL 32765 is an indirect point.

Please call customer service at (800) 285-6254 for service information

or contact us at CustomerService@oakh.com

Tariff: OAKH500A.020701.011080

2. Shipment Detail

City State Zip Terminal

From: SALEM OR 97303 0

To: OVIEDO FL 32765 0

Ship Date: 01/02/2003

Terms: Prepaid

Class Weight Rate Amount

Item 1: 100 652 155.83 1016.01

Item 2:

Item 3:

Item 4:

Item 5:

# Pieces: n/a

I could pick it up in about a week or two - Dave Hicks - 01-02-2003

if that works for someone who wants to bid on it. I would probably have to toss the non-HP items because the whole pile won't fit in my car and I wouldn't know what to do with the excess stuff anyway. In exchange for the service, I'd pick out an item or two for myself.

Also, be prepared to help pay a fee for dumping if I can't find a free way to get rid of the excess stuff. They may not be amused at the idea of me picking up only 2% of the pallet :)

If that's OK then bid and email me.