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IR Transfer 95LX to 200LX? - bill - 12-31-2002

i was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to transfer everything from a 95LX to a 200LX using the IR. I'm considering buying a 200LX. My 95LX has hours of data entry. I'm not sync'ing with my PC.


Re: IR Transfer 95LX to 200LX? - Bill Smith - 12-31-2002

yes, according to the 200lx manual, any ASCII file, as well as the Phonebook and Appointment Book files can be transferred by the built-in IR and Filer apps. once used in the 200lx though, the book files will not be compatible with the 95lx.

consider getting a PCMCIA card. they make great backup and transfer devices. sometimes really cheap on eBay ($1>), but not all cards work on every model.