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Pioneer Variants - Mark Hardman - 11-15-2013

Here is a list of original Pioneers along with variants that I know of. Without considering ROM versions, are there any that I have missed?

Model   Variant
----- ---------------------------------------
10B Black face plate w/green legends
14B 50 Year Anniversary
17B -
17BII Black face plate
20S Black face plate w/green+purple legends
21S -
22S -
27S -
32S 50 Year Anniversary
32SII Black face plate w/green+purple legends
42S Indented bezel

Re: Pioneer Variants - Randy - 11-15-2013

The 22S, 27S and 32S were made with both the earlier flat and later recessed bezel versions.

Another variation is molded versus printed key tops. Anything made after 1997 had printed keys which included the 10B, 17BII, 20S and 32S. While the 42S was made in Indonesia until 2000, it never had printed keys.

The 17B and 27S have appeared as pre-production units with different key legends on the top row. The 27S had its name changed from "Technical Manager" to "Scientific" before it went into full production. That adds up to the 10B, 17BII, 20S, 27S and 32S each having three variations.

Edited: 15 Nov 2013, 10:43 p.m.