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HP Prime - Spreadsheet lacks - bluesun08 - 11-10-2013

1. On page 349 (bottom) in the user manual you can read: "[The app functions] can also be selected from the View menu ..." Thats not correct. Nothing happen if i press the View key.

Here is my suggestion: Correct this lack an make it so that in EVERY APP you can reach the app functions via the View menu-Key. That would be a wonderful shortcut.

2. Similary to the geometry app there should be an undo-Function.

3. It should be possible to draw a graph with the Spreadsheet data (like excel). So it would be wonderful if i can export the date in the function app

4. If I name a cell via Format -> Name then the letters should be automatically active when i come in the imput field.

5. The variable name for Row and Col should be upper case (ROW/COL) or lower case (row/col) so that i need not press the alpha-key very often.

Hope anybody understand my bad english ;-)

Re: HP Prime - Spreadsheet lacks - CR Haeger - 11-10-2013

#3 I agree with a lot.

For the Spreadsheet App, please consider putting the SYMB and PLOT keys to use. Perhaps SYMB can be used to select cell ranges and plot types and PLOT can do the plotting. This seems to be how the Stats 1 and 2 Var apps are setup.

Also, as the spreadsheet NUM view may be used as output to a report or email, it might be handy if there was were options to turn on/off cell borders.

If it sounds like I'm looking for ways/reasons to replace my PC based spreadsheet and statistics programs - then you heard me.

Best, Carl

Re: HP Prime - Spreadsheet lacks - bluesun08 - 11-10-2013

Brilliant ideas! I agree 100% with you.