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WP 34S/43 ?'s - Richard Berler - 11-09-2013

Is it possible on the 34S for the user to specify accuracy needed for an integration in order to achieve an answer more quickly?

On the 43, will plotting be supported with the high res display?

Is it planned to have an easier USB based firmware updating process than on the outstanding 34S?

Re: WP 34S/43 ?'s - Walter B - 11-09-2013

1. Yes AFAIK. Please see the manual.

2. No. I'm not going to support producing a graphic calculator - not keen on reinventing the wheel. But the software will be open source again, so whoever likes to may go for it.

3. Yes AFAIK. At least we'll have a direct USB connection and an SD card slot. Please see the pictures posted recently by Richard Ottosen.


Re: WP 34S/43 ?'s - Richard Berler - 11-09-2013

Hi Walter,

I received the printed manual 3 days ago. It's an outstanding work. I wish the same was available for the Prime.

I don't see any material relating to manually setting the accuracy in order to control the time required to return a definite integral. The manual suggests looking at the HP 15C manual...that indicates that setting the display for fewer significant digits speeds up the calculation if one wants to accept a lower accuracy. Is this the case with the latest 34S build?

In any case, great calculator. Happy with the latest build handling of complex number display

Re: WP 34S/43 ?'s - Walter B - 11-10-2013


Thanks for your kind words. Indeed, the WP 34S UI of integration is designed following the interface of the HP-15C (or HP-34C). Thus the reference instead of copying & pasting everything.