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Classic battery polarity - Kiyoshi Akima - 11-08-2013

What's the polarity on the two connectors inside the battery compartment of a Classic-series HP? I've got two Classics I'd like to at least test to see whether they still work but I have no battery packs for them. I figure I can wire three AA batteries in series, but which way do I connect them to the calculator? I don't really feel like taking a 50-50 chance. With my luck, I'll hook it up the right way on a dead machine, figure it's the wrong way, reverse it for the other one, and fry a good machine.

Re: Classic battery polarity - Thomas Radtke - 11-08-2013


Re: Classic battery polarity - Kiyoshi Akima - 11-08-2013

Thanks. Somehow I missed that when I was searching the museum.